Pothos GraphQL

AuthZ plugin

This is a simple plugin for integrating with GraphQL AuthZ

For more details on GraphQL AuthZ see the official documentation here



yarn add @pothos/plugin-authz


import AuthzPlugin from '@pothos/plugin-authz';

const builder = new SchemaBuilder<{
  AuthZRule: keyof typeof rules;
  plugins: [AuthzPlugin],

This plugin will add the rules to your schema, but you will still need to set up your server (or execute function) to run the authorization checks. The implementation of this depends on how your app is set up.

A simple example that just wraps the execute function might look like:

import { execute } from 'graphql';
import { wrapExecuteFn } from '@graphql-authz/core';
import rules from './auth-rules';

const wrappedExecute = wrapExecuteFn(execute, { rules });

Defining rules for fields

  fields: (t) => ({
    users: t.field({
      type: [User],
      authz: {
        rules: ['IsAuthenticated'],
      resolve: () => users,

Defining rules for types

const Post = builder.objectRef<IPost>('Post');

  authz: {
    rules: ['CanReadPost'],
  fields: (t) => ({
    id: t.exposeID('id'),