Pothos GraphQL

Getting Started


yarn add @pothos/core graphql-yoga

Set up typescript

Pothos is designed to be as type-safe as possible, to ensure everything works correctly, make sure that your tsconfig.json has strict mode set to true:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "strict": true

Create a simple schema

import SchemaBuilder from '@pothos/core';

const builder = new SchemaBuilder({});

  fields: (t) => ({
    hello: t.string({
      args: {
        name: t.arg.string(),
      resolve: (parent, { name }) => `hello, ${name || 'World'}`,

const schema = builder.toSchema();

Create a server

The schema generated by Pothos is a standard graphql.js schema and can be used with several graphql server implementations including graphql-yoga.

import { createYoga } from 'graphql-yoga';
import { createServer } from 'node:http';

const yoga = createYoga({
  schema: builder.toSchema(),

const server = createServer(yoga);