Pothos GraphQL

Upgrading from older versions

Migrationg to Pothos from other GraphQL libraries

Official migration tools are currently a work in progress, and we are hoping to make incremental migration from a number of common setups much easier in the near future. For now there are a few tools that may be helpful while the official tooling for migrations is being developed.

  • Nexus to Pothos codemod

    This 3rd party code-mod aims to transform all the nexus types, queries and mutations to Pothos equivalents. This codemod will still require some manual adjustments to get everything working correctly, but can be a huge help in the migration process.

  • Pothos Generator

    This is an undocumented CLI that can convert a schema into valid Pothos code. Resolvers are all placeholders that throw errors, so this is not quite as useful as it sounds, but can be helpful, especially for generating input types.