Pothos GraphQL

Migrating from GiraphQL to Pothos

As of 3.0 GiraphQL has been renamed to Pothos. The primary motivation for this rename is to make this library and associated projects, guides, and other content to be more discoverable. GiraphQL is not visually distinct from GraphQL, and has often been interpreted as a typo. Search engines tend to auto-correct the name to GraphQL, making it hard to search for.

Changes for consumers of GiraphQL

  • All packages have been moved from the @giraphql/* scope to @pothos/* scope.
  • The GiraphQLSchemaTypes global typescript scope has been renamed to PothosSchemaTypes
  • Exported types prefixed with GiraphQL have had that prefix replaced with Pothos

For the most part, the easiest way to upgrade is by doing a CASE SENSITIVE search and replace of giraphql -> pothos and GiraphQL -> Pothos. The only non-documentation change between the latest version of GiraphQL and the initial version of Pothos (v3.0.0) are renaming of types and packages.

Plugin specific changes

Prisma plugin

  • The generator/provider for prisma types has been renamed to prisma-pothos-types.

You will need to update your prisma schema to use the new provider:

generator pothos {
  provider = "prisma-pothos-types"

For plugin authors

  • Some extensions fields in the build schemas have been renamed. Specifically:

  • giraphQLOptions has been renamed to pothosOptions

  • giraphQLConfig has been renamed to pothosConfig