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Inferring Types

In some cases you may want to use the types from your input of object refs to build helpers, or provide accurate types for other functions.

To get types from any Pothos ref object, you can use the $inferType and $inferInput properties on the ref. This pattern is inspired by drizzle ORM.

const MyInput = builder.inputType('MyInput', {
  fields: (t) => ({
    id: t.id({ required: true }),
    name: t.string({ required: true }),
// { id: string; name: string; }
type MyInputShape = typeof MyInput.$inferInput;
// infer the shape of the Prisma User model
const UserRef = builder.prismaObject('User', {});
type UserType = typeof UserRef.$inferType;

When building helpers, most Pothos types have a generic called Types that extends SchemaTypes. This combines all the defaults and settings passed in when creating the SchemaBuilder. To make you own type helpers and utility functions, you often need access the the Types used by your builder.

This can be inferred from the builder using typeof builder.$inferSchemaTypes.

The following is a simple helper that for creating objects that have an id field. The helper itself isn't that useful, but shows how inferring SchemaTypes from a builder can work.

type BuilderTypes = typeof builder.$inferSchemaTypes;
function createObjectWithId<T extends { id: string }>(
  name: string,
  fields: (t: PothosSchemaTypes.ObjectFieldBuilder<BuilderTypes, T>) => FieldMap,
) {
  const ref = builder.objectRef<T>(name);
    fields: (t) => ({
      id: t.id({
        resolve: (parent) => parent.id,
        nullable: false,
  return ref;
  id: string;
  name: string;
}>('User', (t) => ({
  name: t.exposeString('name'),

Rather than explicitly using the inferred type, you can also infer SchemaTypes from the builder in an argument. In the following example, we pass in the builder to the createPaginationArgs, and infer the Types from the provided builder. This is useful when building helpers that might be used with multiple builder instances.

function createPaginationArgs<Types extends SchemaTypes>(
  builder: PothosSchemaTypes.SchemaBuilder<Types>,
) {
  return builder.args((t) => ({
    limit: t.int(),
    offset: t.int(),
builder.queryField('getUsers', (t) =>
    type: [Shaveable],
    args: {
    resolve: () => [],

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